How to Build a Better Retaining Wall

How to build a better retaining wall.

You are about to start building a retaining wall.  Firstly, you want it to function and secondly look fantastic.  It should add to both the value and overall look of your property.

However, sometimes, your retaining wall can end up looking something like this.  The unsightly white salts will detract from the look of your wall and can lead to its deterioration.

In this situation the problem has occurred, because the wall has groundwater seeping through the joints between the sleeper courses.  Groundwater carries large quantities of dissolved salts.   When allowed contact with a retaining wall, groundwater will migrate through the wall.   Eventually the water will evaporate and leave deposits of salts on the face of the wall.   These deposits are called efflorescence.  They are unsightly and can lead to deterioration of the wall surface.

So when building a retaining wall it is vitally important to keep groundwater away from your wall.

By placing a waterproofing membrane behind the retaining wall at the time of construction, will help to keep ground water away from the wall.  It will prevent efflorescence (ugly salts) and other potential water damage from occurring.

The perfect solution therefore is the Platon membrane.

Platon is a dimpled foundation protection membrane.   It helps to stop ground and soil moisture from passing into the wall.   Drainage at the bottom captures existing water.

The Platon system is:

  •  economical and very easy to install.
  •  impervious to water
  •  resistant to puncture by sharp objects in back-fill
  •  highly resistant to chemicals in the soil
  •  versatile. Perfect for installation on concrete (in-situ or precast), brick, block, concrete, sleepers, stone, and timber sleepers.

Platon is suitable for use in combination with liquid membranes, or as a stand alone solution.

For more information on the Platon system click here.

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