How to Build a Better Retaining Wall

Efflorescence on Retaining Wall

Posted: October 5, 2016

How to build a better retaining wall. You are about to start building a retaining wall.  Firstly, you want it to function and secondly look fantastic.  It should add to both the value and overall look of your property. However, sometimes, your retaining wall can end up looking something like this.  The unsightly white salts […]

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Pavers – Should you seal them?

outdoor living area with sealed pavers and tiles

Posted: September 7, 2016

You have just finished laying your new pavers. What’s next – should you then seal them?   That’s what we are going to answer today.   Pavers can be made from concrete, clay brick and reconstituted and natural stone. Each of these materials has its own peculiar properties that need to be taken into account when deciding […]

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Park 27b Tuyla Wodli Upgrade – Bowden

Bowden Skate Park

Posted: August 11, 2016

Project Name – Park 27b Tulya Wodli Upgrade Project Location – Adelaide Park Lands Park 27, off Park Tce Bowden Builder/Project Manager – Renewal SA / Dig It Landscapes / Adelaide Concrete Polishing and Grinding Architect – ASPECT Studios Product Used – Tech-Dry Protectaseal S Project Requirements / Specifications Sealer to be applied to exposed […]

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The new “Eff” Word – Part 1

Salts on patio area

Posted: August 5, 2016

The new “Eff” Word – Part 1 Talk a walk around your home and you have may noticed some pesky salt deposits. Maybe your paving has some white fluffy deposits.   Or that the concrete paths around your home and garage have some salt and moisture stains.   Your Lino might be crunchy to walk on or […]

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How to DIY treat Rising Damp and Salt Attack

How to treat Rising Damp

Posted: April 4, 2016

So you have  identified and confirmed that the issue is Rising Damp – What next?  Tech-Dry have a brand of DIY Damp course solutions which will enable you to treat Rising Damp.     Following we detail the necessary steps to assist you with this task. Please note however, the DIY option is most cost […]

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What is Rising Damp and Salt Attack?

Rising Damp

Posted: April 2, 2016

Rising Damp – it is enough to put a home owner into a spin, as they watch the process of dampness and salts rising from the ground to eat away at their home.  This process occurs as moisture is drawn into mortar and masonry materials by the process of capillary suction. It is the same […]

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Sub Floor Ventilation

Mould from lack of Sub Floor Ventilation

Posted: April 1, 2016

Sub Floor Ventilation is vital for your home to remain healthy and free of issues such as mould and damp and musty smells. Many homes have been constructed with a suspended timber floor therefore have a large space under the flooring.   This space under your home is an integral component of your home and has […]

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