Salt Retarder

Salt Retarder 20 LTS

Salt Retarder

Protection against efflorescence in Plaster / Render




After the installation of the new Tech-Dry damp course system we recommend to wait a minimum dry out time of 3 – 6 months (dependent on wall thickness).  After this time the old affected hard plasters / renders can be removed from the wall.  They can then be replaced with a render coat containing the Tech-Dry Salt Retarder.   White coat can be applied to match if required.

TECH-DRY SALT RETARDER is a water repellent admixture. It inhibits the transfer of salts into the newly plastered/rendered surface. It is recommended to be used in the render coat after a Tech-Dry Damp Course Installation. Using SALT RETARDER in these renders eliminates the need for separate plasticisers and water-proofing additives.

SALT RETARDER should be used during rendering  to waterproof / salt proof newly constructed walls.  It should also be used in older walls after the installation of a Tech-Dry damp proof course to prevent residual salt and water migration.


  • Reduces salt migration and water absorption by up to 90%
  • Improves workability
  • Dramatically reduces efflorescence
  • Readily dissolves in water
  • Water-Based


1L, 5L and 20L Containers
For quotes and shipping on larger quantities please email our office.




1L of Salt Retarder dissolved in 20L of clean water.   Used with 1:3 cement to sand ratio.

Water Based

Please see blog post on Rising Damp and Salt Attack for recommendations prior to and post treatment.

Please note the use of Tech-Dry Salt Retarder specified plastering mix is suitable for standard residential and commercial properties only.
Please refer to a specialist when dealing with Heritage listed and properties of Heritage significance.
This particular system is not recommended in this instance due to the cement required in the plaster.

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