Bio-Gel Graffiti Remover


Bio-Gel Graffiti Remover

For Graffiti Removal




TECH-DRY BIO-GEL GRAFFITI REMOVER is a unique blend of biodegradable, low odour, low toxic and water soluble materials which effortlessly removes graffiti from most surfaces including masonry walls, cementitious renders, and raw timber finishes.

The product is in the form of a long acting gel that can stay on the surface and dissolve or de-laminate graffiti paint. It is most suitable for removing graffiti from small but heavily targeted areas.

BIO-GEL GRAFFITI REMOVER may also be used as a paint stripper to remover oil-based paint.


  • Efficient at dissolving graffiti so that it can be simply wiped off.
  • The composition does not contain methylene chloride and is biodegradable.
  • The long-acting gel can be left on stubborn graffiti for extended periods.
  • The product is miscible in water for easy clean-up.
  • User-friendly low odour formulation.


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Application: BRUSH | ROLLER / SPRAY

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