Evo Salt Away


Evo Salt Away

Removal of Efflorescence/ Salts




EVO SALTAWAY is the ultimate efflorescence remover.  

I can hear you all asking “eff what remover?”.

Finally, there is a solution to remove those ugly salts around your home.   Those salts that are appearing on your pavers outside, or the furry white deposits that you are noticing on the edge of your concrete slab or your foundation.  They look terrible and can be very stubborn to remove.

But firstly what are they?

These salts are also known as efflorescence.   Efflorescence starts when water enters your masonry (bricks, pavers, concrete) and travels through the pores.   The water carries with it lime and salt which then deposits on the surface in the form of white fuzz.   If left unchecked the efflorescence will harden and crystallize and begin to affect the integrity of the surface.   It will slowly erode away the surface causing it to pit, crumble or break away.     It may cause the surfaces to become slippery when exposed to moisture.   It come cases it will also discolour stained or coated surfaces. The salts can also occur due to the manufacturing process of the masonry.

Efflorescence is incredibly common.  In fact we speak to hundreds of people who have this issue.

offers an easy D.I.Y solution to the problem.   It works as a mild acid to remove all efflorescence from the surface.  It does this without any harmful effect to the environment.  A couple of sprays of the product and the salts begin to bubble.  They are then easily rinsed off.   And when Evo Saltaway is used in conjunction with EvoSeal the problem can be both contained and prevented.

It can also be used on everything from historical monuments to public buildings to your backyard.  It is suitable for both old and new construction.


  • Easily dissolves and removes efflorescence from all masonry.
  • Safe to use and safe for all adjacent areas.
  • It does not require special protection equipment.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Suitable for residential, commercial and industrial.
  • Available in easy to use 750ml Spray containers – will treat 3sqm.


750ml and 2L Containers
For quotes and shipping on larger quantities please email our office.

Application: SPRAY

Coverage  5m2 per Litre

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Water Drop
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Water Drop
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