Protectaseal Enhancer W


Protectaseal Enhancer W

Colour Enhancing Sealer for Pavers and Concrete - Waterbased




TECH-DRY PROTECTASEAL ENHANCER is a penetrating silicone sealer that combines excellent water and stain repellency with a deepening of the colours in the substrate. Tech-Dry Protectaseal Enhancer produces an aesthetically pleasing finish by highlighting contrasting colours in the substrate. This can be particularly gratifying on concrete pavers, polished concrete, exposed aggregate, honed concrete, ceramic and natural stone tiles.

TECH-DRY PROTECTASEAL ENHANCER-W is a water-based oil and water repellent and colour enhancing sealer. This product is designed as a protective sealer to penetrate into the capillaries of the masonry surface and permanently bond within the substrate rendering the surface water and oil repellent (stain resistant). It will also enhance the colour of the masonry substrate. This sealer provides excellent stain resistance against an extensive range of surface contaminants such as oil, coffee, wine, tannin, grease, food and other food colour containing stains. This product is not form forming sealer or a coating, but penetrates into the substrate providing wet-look finish with minimal change to the surface texture and vapour permeability.

PROTECTASEAL ENHANCER-W is suitable for masonry materials and is best suitable for treating porous coloured masonry substrates such as natural stones, concrete blocks and pavers, driveways, clay bricks, tiles, and grouts and mortars.


  • Darken surface with minimum change of surface texture.
  • Excellent resistance to oil & water-based stains
  • Reduce water absorption and algae/mould growth
  • Penetrates and bonds to the masonry substrate.
  • Durable protection and wear resistance.
  • Best suitable for porous coloured masonry substrates.


5L and 20L Containers
For quotes and shipping on larger quantities please email our office.

Application: SPRAY

Coverage  10 – 20M2 per coat depending on impregnation depth required.

Solvent Based / Water Based.

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