Water repellent admixture for Tech-Dry Earth Render System




TECH-DRY EARTTHAID is designed as a water-repellent admixture for Tech-Dry earth render system or other polymer render systems. EARTHAID contains reactive silane/siloxanes, which can react with earth render ingredients to impart durable water resistance to the entire body of the earth render against weathering.   The resultant earth renders exhibits good surface beading and low water absorption.   EARTHAID also provides early water repellency to prevent wash-down due to rain or dew contacting the render before cure.   Water penetration through earth renders will be significantly reduced.

EARTHAID is added at a concentration of up to 4% by weight to the earth render. The resultant earth render exhibits excellent surface beading (as shown in Figure 1) resulting in very low water absorption of the earth render. The water resistance is developed very quickly, preventing wash-down due to rain or dew contacting the render surface before cure. The water absorption through the render can be reduced by up to 95%.

As earth render varies, it is always recommended that a test must be carried out prior to application to find the suitability of this product for the purpose.


5L and 20L Containers
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Application: Admixture

Dosage: To be used in conjunction with TECH-DRY EARTH BONDING EMULSION in the Tech-Dry Earth Render System.

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