Limestone Water Repellent

Limestone Water Repellent 2

Limestone Water Repellent

Protection for Australian Limestone and Sandstone


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TECH-DRY LIMESTONE WATER REPELLENT is a water-based silicone water repellent impregnate for masonry building materials. The product is designed to penetrate into the capillaries of masonry surfaces and render the substrate water repellent. This water repellent zone reduces the absorption of water or efflorescence or other water-borne staining materials which are responsible for the bulk of the deterioration in masonry building materials. The treatment will not significantly change the appearance of the masonry substrates and the vapour permeability. However, a slight darkening of the surface may occur for some substrates.

LIMESTONE WATER REPELLENT is recommended as a water repellent sealer for limestone substrates. It may also be suitable for other porous masonry building substrates including other natural stones, clay bricks, and unglazed terracotta tiles and grout.


  • No volatile hydrocarbon solvents within the formulation.
  • Penetrates masonry substrate surface.
  • Permanently bonds to the substrate with no peel or blister.
  • UV, alkali stable and durable formulation.
  • Reduces water penetration, efflorescence and water-borne staining.
  • Does not significantly change the surface appearance and vapour permeability.
  • Easy application and cost effective.

Application BRUSH | ROLLER | SPRAY

Coverage   1-5m2 per litre per coat depending on permeability of the substrate.

Water Based.

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