Sub Floor Ventilation

Sub Floor Ventilation is vital for your home to remain healthy and free of issues such as mould and damp and musty smells. Many homes have been constructed with a suspended timber floor therefore have a large space under the flooring.   This space under your home is an integral component of your home and has many functions.

One of these functions to is to allow the building to breathe.  Cross flow ventilation in this underfloor area is essential.   Without it your floor will absorb the moisture from the soil beneath your building, which in turn raises the homes internal humidity.   Any timber joists and bearers will also absorb the moisture.  This results in wood decay and mould and be conducive to termite activity.

Sub Floor ventilation under your home can be hindered if the area has become too small, has been blocked by new concrete slabs, inadequate amount of external vents or blocked external vents.

Common signs of a lack of sub floor ventilation include: dampness, mould, musty odours in living rooms or wardrobes, rotting timber floorboards, convex of floorboards.

Some of the ways to rectify this problem include:

  • Firstly start by having the sub-floor ventilation in your home checked.
  • Ensure that no water is pooling or seeping into the subfloor areas.  Check external drains nears subfloor areas for blockages or breaks.
  • Check that soil, shrubs, plants and/or garden beds are not covering any existing vents.
  • Clear vents from accumulated mud, snails, spider webs.
  • Check your subfloor floor area for blockages, such as new concrete slab, storage of boxes and goods.

Where there is still inadequate ventilation you may need to install additional mesh vents or low voltage fan ventilation.

The increase of cross flow ventilation to the area will decrease the occurrence of humidity and condensation as it allows external dry, warm air to flow through the sub floor area.

For information on the Mini Vent Van to increase your Sub Floor Ventilation please click here.

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